Citysage is more than a sensor company; it’s a comprehensive data platform.

All-in-one solution

Citysage provides a diverse range of solutions to sense your city. Our advanced sensor technologies allow you to remotely detect objects and monitor things such as waste, water, and noise levels.

Sense everywhere

Our comprehensive suite of intelligent monitoring solutions enables municipalities to remotely track a wide range of data. Our sensors provide valuable data to help make cities more livable, sustainable, and efficient. Know your city like your residents do.

Easy to deploy & interpret

We understand the importance of usability. That’s why our sensors are standardized for quick and easy installation. Once your sensors are up and running, our dashboard provides you with easy to interpret analytics and visualization tools, giving you a clear, consistent, and customizable view of your city’s data.

Respond quickly

By providing timely alerts, we can help avert disasters such as sewer overflow, preventing potential problems before they occur. Our machine learning algorithms aid in identifying and distinguishing between different objects, allowing your team to quickly assess the use of any monitored spaces.


By monitoring physical substances such as waste, water, sewage, and snow, Levaware promotes sustainable waste management and helps cities avert disaster in an ever-changing climate.


Our sound-sensitive sensor system monitors noise pollution and alerts users when decibel thresholds are reached or exceeded, making it the ideal solution for monitoring noise levels in a variety of settings.


Our advanced LiDAR system provides comprehensive insights into parking lot utilization, detects, and tracks loitering activity, and allows users to create digital replicas of physical spaces for precise monitoring and analysis.


Get accurate angle monitoring with Tiltalert. Our waterproof sensor system can be easily installed on any metallic surface, providing customizable alerts for culvert flaps, drain covers, doors, and more. Stay ahead of costly issues—quickly identify potential problems and take action with Tiltalert.




Who we are

Citysage is revolutionizing the landscape of smart cities with innovative solutions. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, we enable municipalities to build a more sustainable future by reducing waste, curbing greenhouse gas emissions, and enhancing community safety. Our sensors seamlessly integrate with our platform, empowering communities to make informed decisions and take proactive measures.

Environmentally conscious

We believe in environmentally-friendly cities that promote the efficient use of resources. Citysage provides municipalities with the tools to effectively combat climate change, whether that’s planning the optimal waste and recycling pickup routes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or monitoring water levels to provide workers with the ability to rapidly respond to disasters.


All sensor data is encrypted and securely transmitted to our centralized platform. Our machine learning algorithms are capable of visualizing objects without revealing any personally identifiable information, and our audio sensors never pass any audio recordings to the platform, just raw level data. This allows our users to gain valuable insights without compromising the security of visitors or passersby.