A man on a bike looks up at a skyscraper that has greenery on its cladding

GHG Emissions in Cities

Municipalities play a pivotal role in implementing tangible solutions for GHG emissions and are often the first to take action to fight climate change. As primary hubs, where innovative ideas meet real-world challenges, cities are leading the charge towards carbon neutrality, even with constrained budgets and timeframes.

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The Vancouver skyline from across the water with the Granville Street Bridge

Water Level Monitoring

Water is an essential resource that sustains life and influences countless aspects of society, particularly in coastal communities. Delve into the importance of water level monitoring for coastal communities, exploring the risks associated with water level changes, the benefits of monitoring, various applications, and the technology behind water level monitoring systems.

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An image of a Sonalert installation with a sign warning about noise

Living with Loud Neighbors

Living in a bustling city or a growing neighborhood has its perks, but it also comes with the inevitable challenge of dealing with loud neighbors. Construction sites, clubs, and overlapping residential and business zoning can create noise issues for residents in the area. Municipalities are tasked with addressing these concerns and ensuring that their citizens can enjoy a peaceful living environment.

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I colorful fireworks display lights up the night sky

Noise Monitoring for Public Events

As the rain dissipates and the summer heat takes hold across North America, it brings with it an array of outdoor events from coast to coast. One of the first events of the season is Canada Day. To honor this spectacular occasion, Citysage went above and beyond by installing Sonalert noise level monitoring sensors at celebrations in Burnaby, Coquitlam, and Surrey.

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An aerial view of a city with text and logos Citysage by Reliance Foundry

Introducing Citysage

Our suite of intelligent Citysage solutions watch, analyze, and report from remote locations so that organizations can manage sites effectively. Some of these reports, like those on tide water levels, can be combined and validated against external data sources to create forecast models. When alert conditions are reached, our smart systems can give organizations a timely heads up by sending email and/or phone alerts.

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