Levaware sensors monitor levels of a physical substance, such as waste, water, sewage, or snow. The Citysage platform receives reports on these levels and sends alerts or acts based on rules provided by the client.

Levaware Bins

Levaware Bins play a vital role in maintaining communities by monitoring waste or recycling levels so crews can empty them before they overflow. Our platform provides customizable capacity alerts for overflowing or rapidly filling bins, allowing you to plan efficient trash and recycling pick up. Our software also plans the optimal route for crews to follow, avoiding unnecessary fleet and labor costs, and helping to minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

Join us in promoting sustainable waste management and reducing your carbon footprint.

Levaware Water

Our Levaware Water system is a powerful tool for measuring water levels and providing alerts for overflow or flood conditions in sewers, streams, creeks, and along coastlines. Our advanced sensors provide reliable and accurate data that allows you to monitor the efficiency of raingardens and bioswales and detect low- or high-water levels in cisterns, tanks, and basins.

With the ability to receive real-time alerts, you can stay informed of any changes in water levels, allowing crews to respond promptly to any issues. Our proactive approach helps to prevent damage to property and mitigate risks to public safety.

Levaware Underground

Levaware Underground is a user-friendly solution for monitoring water and sediment levels below manholes. Our system is easy to install, not requiring any confined space permits, and provides real-time alerts to rapid filling or overflow, as well as manhole intrusion and blockage detection.

By leveraging our platform, you can quickly identity potential issues before they escalate into costly problems, optimize maintenance issues, and improve efficiency.