Citysage puts the smart in smart cities.

Everywhere, an ever-increasing number of devices are equipped with sensors that detect and communicate data about their surroundings.

Data management can be overwhelming, especially for large organizations. Information often sits in data lakes, untouched. Accessing this valuable information requires navigating many different portals, and while it may be examined by specialists, it’s often poorly presented and underutilized.

Our platform employs sophisticated machine learning algorithms and a user-friendly interface to aggregate, analyze, and present data in a meaningful way. With Citysage, our goal is to make data easy to understand and digest, regardless of technical expertise.

Data integration

Bring together data from a variety of sources.

A comprehensive platform

Access all your sensor data from one user-configurable dashboard.

Data science

Use Citysage to take meaningful action when circumstances arise.

The Citysage Solution

Citysage provides a comprehensive smart city solution that seamlessly integrates data from our full suite of sensors into a single, secure platform. We take great care in protecting individual privacy while providing valuable insights to allow municipalities to make decisions efficiently.

See it all: From parking and user-flow to waste and water, our portal can help municipalities and businesses find, diagnose, and effectively solve complex problems.

Through the customizable dashboard, senior staff can have oversight of the systems that help keep your city running.

Or, focus in: With the ability to set views based on user roles, employees only see the data they need. With SMS and email notifications, Citysage makes it easy to alert specific users when an issue is detected.

Contact us today to see how Citysage can help create a brighter future for your city.